Bar-Juice is a scaleable, at the bar CONVENIENT mobile charging solution.
Let your Customers Charge while having a drink, a meal or while socializing.

BarJuice as even been featured in 3 episodes of Bar Rescue as to keep your customers in the seat longer and let them charge their phones.

A data secure charging system designed for bars and venues to provide a way for patrons to charge their electronics through USB ports while sitting at the bar. Its patented, sleek design allows it to fit discreetly underneath the customer side of any bar. Bar-Juice is a valuable asset to the owner because it keeps customers engaged with the establishment for a longer period of time. Bar-Juice is the only data secure and convenient charging solution available for the evolving needs of today’s consumer.

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Perfect Size

At just over half an inch high, Bar-Juice units are thin and fit perfectly into your environment. The Bar-Juice system is flexible and can fit nearly any bar layout to accommodate patrons. It can be expanded to over 100 feet long through the use of Bar-Juice extender units.

Electrical Safety

Each Bar-Juice unit has protection from over-currents and short circuits to ensure that devices are safe at all times. Bar-Juice also includes thermal shutdown protection to disable itself if it detects high enough levels of heat to cause damage.

Smart Design

Bar-Juice is fully compliant with USB specifications, meaning it works with any device that uses standard USB ports for charging. As a security measure, Bar-Juice is designed to only transmit power and not data, which repels potential intruders and hackers.

Cable Availability

Bar-Juice sells USB-compliant charging cables for the most popular devices to ensure that anyone can connect to your Bar-Juice system. If you own the bar, sell these cables to your patrons. If you are a customer and need a cable to charge your device, You can buy one to keep.

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