When you plug your device into a Bar-Juice USB, It is isolated, protected and safe. With the Bar-Juice system, each device is isolated from all other devices connected to the system. Bar-Juice is designed to suppress and remove any signals so your data is always secure.

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Active Multi-Device Isolation

Each Bar-Juice unit provides active multi-device isolation ensuring that every device that’s connected is safe and secure. Rather than placing multiple devices on a shared network, the Bar-Juice system isolates each individual phone or tablet, providing them with a secured connection that’s tailored to their device.

Protection from Intruders

The power receptacle on a smartphone is also a data transfer port, so there’s always some risk of your bits being snatched. Bar-Juice physically disconnects all data lines, but still provides juice for your device while keeping intruders away from your personal information.

Avoid Pesky Malware Injections

Did you know that an iOS device can be hacked within one minute by simply using a modified charger? It’s almost impossible to tell if a device has been modified just from a visual inspection. Bar-Juice provides both bar owners and their customers peace of mind in knowing that they won’t be subject to hacks and injections when connected to our isolated units.

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